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Matt Chalawsky

Hi, I'm Matt Chalawsky. Welcome to my profile!

Matt Chalawsky's Bio:

Matt Chalawsky is a software engineer and tech leader with experience working at Google, IBM, and various start-ups.  He  has worked in many industries including advertising (YouTube monetization),  fin-tech, SasS, and mobile apps. 


Mr. Chalawsky is a full-stack engineer. He has developed various architecture types over the years, but has most recently focused on client-server,  RESTful architectures.  He has developed web and mobile app frontends, both IOS (Swift and Objective-C) and Android, mostly with no-sql backends. 


Mr Chalawsky also has strong product management experience with an emphasis on analytics and data-driven analysis. 


Mr Chalawsky has solid foundation in Agile development and lean development processes, working most recently on ultra-lean bootstrap environments.  He has worked on several MVP products to validate the core hypotheses of the business, and successfully gathered key data points in an expedited fashion.  


Mr Chalawsky is the inventor on several patents and has developed a good understanding in identifying patentable ideas.  The most notable of Mr. Chalawsky's patents is for YouTube's Ad Skip feature (   Like most patents, the idea itself is not necessarily considered non-obvious and novel  ( a requirement for being a patent), but the implementation of the idea. The Ad Skip Patent novelty was in how it creates a win-win situation with advertisers and viewers, the key challenge with an Ad Skip Feature.   Previous attempts at an Ad Skip Feature failed because advertisers didn't see the value in paying for ads that could be skipped.  Mr. Chalawsky's innovation was to treat the ad skip event as an anti-click, thus allowing the advertiser to only pay when the viewer didn't skip.  This effectively made Ad Skipping the same as a Cost Per Click (CPC) advertising model, something Google was already very good at with Adsense.

Matt Chalawsky's Interests & Activities:

Technology, Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Startups, Entrepreneurship, Hiking, Sci-Fi, Biking, Volunteering, DIY

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